Wednesday, January 09, 2013

Don't Be Afraid to Just Call Me!

Reserve Notifications Just Got a Little Easier...
If you are currently receiving email notifications to pickup items you've reserved for checkout, you may also receive these notices on your cell phone. All you need to do is update your patron record and append your cell phone number to your email address.  Here's how you can opt in to the service:

Login in to your local library account. Your user name is your library barcode number, printed on the back of your card; the password is yours. If you don't know or remember your password, give us a call. We'd also encourage you to reset your password with some frequency as a hedge against losing your card.

Click on My Account
Verify your email account name then insert a comma, your cell phone number@ your provider's messaging address. Example?,

A Number of Cell Providers and Their Formats
Next time you stop by the library, pick up a quick list of providers and the format you'll need to use to accept a cell phone message.