Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Tax Form Update

Paper Forms
We understand many in our community traditionally look to our library as a convenient source of printed tax forms. Please note that the IRS has reduced distribution points for tax forms and libraries were included in the plan.

The IRS will provide us with a select number of forms. A few paper schedules have arrived but instruction booklets are not expected for a few weeks. Tax forms and instructions are first-come, first-served; we cannot set aside documents for you. Form racks are located in the library's lobby.

Form Downloads
Some forms are, however, now available online. We do offer free computer access to download tax forms from government web sites; printing is available for a nominal fee; i.e., 10 cents per page.
Federal Publications and Forms
Connecticut Publications and Forms

Beginning January 30
The IRS reports processing paper and e-file tax returns will begin starting on January 30. This year the filing deadline is April 15, 2013. According the IRS web site, households claiming key forms on their returns will be able to start in late February or March.

e-File (Federal)
Free File (Federal)

Tax Preparation Assistance
2012 Tax Centers List
Also check with the East Hampton Senior Center to determine if you are eligible to participate in an AARP tax clinic offered through the Center.